Make-up look: Pride 2016.

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  • Urban Decay: Electric palette (Thrash, Savage, Fringe & Gonzo), UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded (Anonymous & Misdemeanor) and Zero 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil
  • Eyeko: Rock out & Lash Out mascara
  • NYX: Jade Pearl loose eyeshadow


  • Bobbi Brown: Latte Creamy Matte lip color
  • Urban Decay: Moonflower eyeshadow

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A day in Brussels.

After almost seven months of living in Belgium, I finally spent a day in Brussels.

Find below a few pictures from yesterday.

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Have a nice Sunday!


Be Proud.

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This was my make up to go out on Friday night.

  • Eyes: Kiko #412 “Light Green” glamorous eye pencil / Urban Decay “Dragon”, “Bobby Dazzle” (both from the Vice 3 palette) & “Loaded” (from the Smoked palette) / Benefit “They’re Real” mascara
  • Lips: Nars “Yu” satin lip pencil

image1 (1)    image2 (1)

My make up for today.

  • Eyes: Urban Decay “Lucky”, “Downfall” & “Truth” (From the Vice 3 palette) / Make Up Forever “Aqua Black” / Benefit “They’re Real” mascara
  • Lips: Sisley #7 “Ruby” perfect lipliner / M.A.C. “Viva Glam Rihanna” lipstick


I went to my first Pride this week end. I had a ton of fun and met lots of new and awesome people! Also it was an excuse for me to take a closer look at Drag Queens’ make up, which I’ve always been curious about.

Pride2   Pride1   IMG_1194

IMG_1198   IMG_1201

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Pride Parade is a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots that occured on June 28th, 1969 in New York City. Nowadays it celebrates diversity and advocates gender equality as well as equal rights for people from the LGBT community.

25th Birthday: of growing up and gaining in confidence.

image2  image

So here it is, I just turned a quarter of a century. It is both kinda scary and exciting at the same time.

This is my first year away from my hometown, and I feel like this is also the year I have grown up the most. When I moved to Madrid (albeit temporarily) in order to start my new job, I was apprehensive but determined. So I sucked it up, packed and left Le Havre, on the cold morning of January 12th (I am pretty sure it was raining? I mean, it’s not as if it rains 75% of the year over there). To be honest, the first few weeks in Spain, and even though I had known some of my colleagues for a year from a previous job, I felt very much alone. Obviously, to me at least, the best was to start something new; something that would enable me to meet new people and be more at ease with my new life in Madrid.

IMG_2850For years, I had wanted to take fencing classes but never voiced this wish to my family, either by lack of motivation or by fear of failing. Probably both.

Anyway, long story short, this is how I started taking historical fencing classes (I can’t thank my friend Antonio enough for that! Muchas gracias Anto!!). I met wonderful people, and for the first time in my life, I was happy with doing some kind of physical exercise. Rapier practice (nb: Verdadera destreza) and the friendships I made along the way are some of my favourite memories from my stay in Madrid.

I’m impressed how something that started as a simple way to pass the time made me more confident about myself and reinforced my will to achieve my project (aka enter a make-up school and make a living as a make-up artist).

Creatively speaking I think my shyness is still holding me back, but I’m getting there.

A special thank you to all the people helping me daily through the many steps leading to the achievement of my dream! ❤️


•Eyes: Urban Decay “Rockstar” (from the Smoked palette) & “Vanity” (from the Vice 3 palette) / M.A.C. “Kitschmas” pigment / Benefit “Roller Lash” mascara

•Lips: Tom Ford “Pussy Cat” Color Matte lipstick