Make-up look: Dramatically random.

My apologies for the terrible lighting in these pictures, but as we’re getting closer to the end of the year, days are shorter and it was impossible to get a decent picture with natural light today.


I used three different palettes from Urban Decay: Book of Shadows 4, Fun and Vice 3.

I applied “Revolver” in my crease and blended it with both “Sonic and “Alchemy“. On my brow bone is “Sellout“.

Then on my lid I used “Deep End” and softened the transition with the colours in my crease with “Blue Bus“. Under my eyes I put on “Hijack” and what was left on my brush of “Sonic“.

To open my eyes, I used “Zephyr” in the inner corner.

And a pair of Eylure “Naturalites N°208” double lashes to make it more dramatic.


I lined my lips with Sisley’s “Ruby” and then applied two coats of Sephora’s “Passion Red“Lipstick.



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