Inspired by: Hawkeye (2012).

I know this run on Hawkeye is done. I know a lot of you have heard already of this series. But I really need to make a post about my love for Matt Fraction and David Aja‘s work with my favourite superhero.


For those of you whom are not familiar with them, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop are both Hawkeye (archers extraordinaire). Usually part of a team (respectively Avengers and Young Avengers), this run focus on their duo and missions.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people expressed in a definitely more articulated manner why Hawkeye was such a great comic. Be it for the plot or the art itself. Other artists than Aja were involved in this series (I must admit I’m a big fan of Annie Wu‘s work).


The fact that both Kate and Clint are completely human without any supernatural power whatsoever, and that they remain living breathing walking disasters is a big part of what sold them to me. It makes them lovable and easy to relate to (except for, you know, the whole fighting supervillains thing). Despite being utterly fragile (you know, being human and all that) and messing up their lives with each day passing, they keep going and remain strong.


One of the important tropes of this series, which illustrates perfectly the whole “I’m human yet I have to deal with life” thingy, is Clint’s deafness. (I suppose at this point it’s not considered a spoiler…) I found this great critic of issue #19, which is key in demonstrating our protagonist’s struggle and daily life with his loss of hearing.


I was so impacted both by the art and the way these characters handled their problems (poorly, let’s be real, but also, like most of us would) that I got a tattoo of one the panels from issue #19, back in January when I was in Madrid.



It is CLINT spelled in American Sign Language.

I thought it’d be both a good tribute to my favourite hero/comic book series and a way to remind me to keep on going, even though I am human and fragile and I mess up like all of us do.


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